Tirschenreuth. A town with many faces.

Tirschenreuth is a picture book town with a wide range of facilities for hiking, cycling, golf, leisure pursuits and simply chilling out. Tirschenreuth is located at the heart of Europe in the border region between Bavaria and Bohemia. Founded in the 10th century on an island between two ponds, since then a town with a modern centre has developed, embedded in its historic old town. 

Buildings such as the town hall, built in the Renaissance style in 1582/83, the parish church which goes back to the 13th century and the "Klettnersturm", the watchtower built in the year 1330 as part of the former city walls, are the oldest relics of the town's past. In the market square there is a monument dedicated to the town's most famous son, Johann Andreas Schmeller. As a major researcher into dialects and languages he published the Bavarian dictionary in 1837.

The landscape around Tirschenreuth is ideal for hiking and cycling. The almost endless network of cycling and hiking trails in the border region between Bavaria and Bohemia invites tours of exploration. These lead through secretive forests, natural and cultural landscapes full of discoveries and past a wide range of fascinating sights. In fact, the region around Tirschenreuth has a touch of paradise about it. Developed over millions of years, this picturesquely beautiful natural landscape often simply takes your breath away.

Tirschenreuth also provides a wonderful environment for families. In addition to minigolf, open-air and indoor swimming pools, facilities for riding and in-line skating and the Cineplanet cinema, there are lots more activities for young and old to enjoy together.

Travelling to Italy in the year 1786, German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote in his diary "The cloth-making town of Tirschenreuth lies in a beautiful location". However, the town's location is not the only reason why a visit to Tirschenreuth is really worthwhile. The town has a wide range of large and small sights that make it so multi-faceted and fascinating.

Above all Tirschenreuth has a great deal to offer in cultural terms. Every year a varied theatre and concert programme awaits you. The absolute highlight is the performance of the "Tirschenreuther Passion", which is well known far beyond the borders of Bavaria.

Tirschenreuth's MuseumsQuartier also has fascinating experiences in store for you. The starting point of the MuseumsQuartier is the "Oberpfälzer Fischereimuseum", which was opened in 1993 and gives visitors an insight into the region's tradition-rich pond fishing business.

The fishery museum is connected below ground with the former monastery which accommodates five more exhibitions relating to the town's history, people driven from their homeland, the porcelain industry, mangers and the town's most famous son, Johann Andreas Schmeller, the founder of Bavarian language studies.

The observatory in Tirschenreuth invites you to explore the wonders of the universe with one of Bavaria's largest public telescopes. Culture in Tirschenreuth also means the culture of the dining table, and the town has lots of culinary delights to offer gourmets. Over a hearty meal or enjoying the town's many fish specialities you will get to know the tasty side of Tirschenreuth. And one more tip: during your stay you mustn't fail to try our "Zoiglbier", a beer that by the way can only be found in our region.


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